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Problem with nemesis card talking 10-10 vs 4EVERN

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iotMaker: this is boring i liked first game better
evileyes: yup
jbks35: lol
OhhhhhhSNAP folds
Theo99 calls 25 [to 50]
kimboslice checks
* Flop is dealt [3d,Th,Tc]
RiotMaker: i say we all go all in
Theo99 checks
kimboslice bets 98 [to 98]
jbks35 folds
herefordlady: his new nickname is the fireman
RiotMaker: lmao
Theo99 folds
kimboslice wins 248 from the Main pot
---Hand #11911770 ends---
OhhhhhhSNAP: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
---Hand #11911784 begins---
kimboslice posts small blind 25
softail posts big blind 50
RiotMaker calls 50 [to 50]
jbks35 folds
evileyes folds
herefordlady folds
OhhhhhhSNAP calls 50 [to 50]
Theo99 calls 50 [to 50]
kimboslice calls 25 [to 50]
softail checks
* Flop is dealt [5d,9s,9c]
kimboslice checks
RiotMaker: lol that was considered card talking? lmao sry my bad
softail checks
RiotMaker checks

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