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Big fiasco by knights in game against the eagles!!

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avirus: Syzygy: I woulda checked outjcjun8717 calls 600 [to 600] it all started here, when i told syzygy that she was issued a warning for card talking!! next thing i know im getting jumped on by nearly the whole knights team being led by coaches corner, making very rude statements about me on the table, trying to say i had some kind of vendetta and i was just mad cause a teamy left and joined their team!!! I did reply back stating no, im just doing my job, it got way out of hand and the poor single remaining eagle didnt stand a chance with all the accusations flying from everywhere!! I did tell coaches corner he needs to stop before the game will be forfeited!! i truly feel that this game should be forfeited due to all the outside interfenece from the knights team and chief!!! Coaches corner, shell mell, italian angel were all involved and were not sitting on the table!!! In this game Jcjun was also sited for saying this is BS in reference to the warning i gave on card talking!

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