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strhtpokr table talk alies vs 4evern

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1strhtpokr table talk alies vs 4evern Empty strhtpokr table talk alies vs 4evern on Thu Sep 17, 2009 9:28 pm

juneboy posts small blind 25
TOWMATER posts big blind 50
ConL: wooooot
strhtpokr: 10s bro
juneboy: nb
kqw33n: weeeeee
strhtpokr: ty
softail calls 50 [to 50]
ConL folds
herefordlady folds
juneboy: vn
kqw33n calls 50 [to 50]
strhtpokr: ty
playinflops folds
strhtpokr folds
juneboy calls 25 [to 50]
* Flop is dealt [8c,8d,2s]
juneboy checks
TOWMATER bets 50 [to 50]
softail folds
kqw33n folds
juneboy folds
TOWMATER wins 250 from the Main pot
---Hand #11660917 ends---
---Hand #11660927 begins---
Davjrees: st8 waatch card talk
TOWMATER posts small blind 25
softail posts big blind 50
ConL folds
strhtpokr: oops srry
herefordlady calls 50 [to 50]
kqw33n folds
playinflops folds
strhtpokr calls 50 [to 50]
juneboy calls 50 [to 50]
TOWMATER calls 25 [to 50]
softail checks
* Flop is dealt [3h,2c,7c]
TOWMATER bets 50 [to 50]
softail calls 5

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