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1XMETALX vs DONTCARE Empty XMETALX vs DONTCARE on Fri Oct 23, 2009 12:27 pm

DONTCARE won with 1 player remaining.

There was some cardtalking by cubfan72:

cubfan72: if i get a face card im making a move lol
largemouth folds
hilbilyroc folds
HappyKampr: LOL
cubfan72 folds
Walela: LOL
MrsBlue folds
Walela folds
MrsOz checks
* Flop is dealt [7h,4d,7s]
largemouth: no card talk please
MrsOz checks
HappyKampr checks
* Turn is dealt [9h]
cubfan72: lol k sorry

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