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Card Sharing by SGJGCGRG reported by davirus -- scalperz versus nemesis Tuesday July 15 at 7pm server time

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davirus frascella: sgjgcgrg: GOOD GRIEF
evileyes checks
* Flop is dealt [4h,5c,Kh]
sgjgcgrg: CALL
sgjgcgrg checks
evileyes: jen stfy
davirus: sigg, u cant say that
RiotMaker: lmao
sgjgcgrg: OOOPS
evileyes bets 777 [to 777]
sgjgcgrg: I CANT
sgjgcgrg folds
evileyes wins 1777 from the Main pot
RiotMaker: nope
---Hand #11643790 ends---
---Hand #11643806 begins---
evileyes posts small blind 250
sgjgcgrg: BEEN AWILE DAV
reerun posts big blind 500
evileyes: just play we know how to lol
sgjgcgrg: SORRY
RiotMaker calls 500 [to 500]

davirus frascella: can give em a waring, to let them know
davirus frascella: btw, im here every night, would u like me to be a moderator???
Last message received on 9/15 at 8:32 PM

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