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Team Match Coordinator Info

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1Team Match Coordinator Info Empty Team Match Coordinator Info on Sun Sep 13, 2009 12:20 pm


ALLIES (ALLIES) – Match Coordinator: ConL contact by pm in old forum or FC Off Site Forum

BLUEYEZ (BLUEYEZ) – Match Coordinators: Dalton or MissMousse at FatCatSpace and PM Old Forum


DONTCARE (DONTCARE) – Match Coordinator: bookworm contact via PM old forum

FUN YET (HAVEFUN) – Match Coordinator: Airdale- contact by PM at this forum or E Mail

GettingGoophy (Goophys) – Match Coordinators: ROBn8or and Mischief: Contact via PM in old forum

Hold’em warrior tribe (scalperz) – Match Coordinator: davirus-contact by PM at old forums

Midnight Angels (Midnight) – Match Coordinator: angelsinheaven or djbiker contact pm in old forums

Outlaws (Outlaws) – Match Coordinator - Popeye1958, contact by pm in old forums

PASSION (PASSION) – Match Coordinators: Rachel819, JK1zip or Texanne... contact pm in either offsite forums or fatcatspace

RENEGADE KNIGHTS (LOYAL) -- Match Coordinator: BLUEKNIGHT contact by PM @ old forum

Royal Knights of CFC (KNIGHTS) – Match Coordinator: to be decided – temporarily contact ShellMel ( old forums) or CoachesCorner ( any of the 3 forums)

Sinners and Saints (S AND S) – Team Chief tikafatcat unknown contact info at this time

Soaring Eagles (~EAGLES~) – Match Coordinator: by PM at old forum

Team Fox (pkfr) – Match Coordinator - casandra, contact pm fatcatspace or old forum email

Team Nemesis (Nemesis) – Match Coordinator: evileyes at fatcatspace forums

The Overkillers (Overkill) -- Match Coordinator: LadyFine and Davemf (contact by pm in old forums)

Tigerpaw (TIGERPAW) – Match Coordinator: Bluefox contact PMs in the old forums

Vern’s Crew (4eVern) -- Match Coordinator: softail (contact by pm in old forums)

VILLAINS (VILLAINS) -- Match Coordinator: Breathless-contact by PM at old forum

White Lighting (STRIKES) -- Match Coordinator: Nysnowbunnie or Americanchopper contact by PM at old forum

Wild & Krazy (KrZyNutZ) -- Match Coordinator: LitlBit--contact by PM @ old forum

XMetalX (XMetalX) – Match Coordinator - bubbadude contact at any forums (start with old forum 1st) email addy is

Xtreme players (Xtreme) -- Match Coordinator. Cowgurl1 or iceman3431 at unknown location

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2Team Match Coordinator Info Empty Re: Team Match Coordinator Info on Fri Sep 18, 2009 9:01 pm

Wild & Krazy (KrZyNutZ) -- Match Coordinator: LitlBit--

has been changed to SaSyLaSy can contact by pm in old forum.....

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3Team Match Coordinator Info Empty Re: Team Match Coordinator Info on Sat Sep 19, 2009 4:46 am

Villains needs to be updated to mac1016 contact by pm at old forums

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